CLASS/LEVEL DESCRIPTIONS-we place students with their age groups the majority of the time. We find that developmentally, students thrive more in a setting of their peers. When registering, the portal will adjust classes available based on your birthdate, if you have any trouble registering around those parameters, please email us and we can assist you in the registration process.

We start with Creative Movement, Dancekids, Tiny Tap, Beginner, Building, and then move on to Levels 1 through 5/Advanced. Most dancers remain at each level for two to three years. 

Creative Movement (3-4), Dancekids (4-5), Tiny Tap (4-5) Education through dance, motor development, tumbling, and pre-ballet or tap (ages 4-5 for tap) is blended with numbers, colors, shapes, words, and music. Through this program the development of dance etiquette transpires, and prepares the young dancer for more advanced technical classes. This class is for first & second year dancers. Dancers must be potty trained.

Beginner Level-Ages 5-7 This level is geared toward teaching children the discipline of classes, terminology, memorization of choreography, and correct body placement & lines. The classes are offered in Tap/Ballet, Jazz/Hip Hop, ACRO and Musical Theatre. This level is appropriate for first, second and third year dancers. 

Building Level-Ages 7-9 Following Beginner level, this level will strongly focus on the knowledge of terminology of French Ballet terms, with attention to the details of body positions. This will mean a more advanced paced class setting to prepare for Level I. The classes are offered in Tap/Ballet, Jazz/Hip Hop, ACRO, Ballet and Musical Theatre.

Level I-Ages 8-10 Furthering the development of flexibility, terminology, memorization of choreography, and more difficult technique, this is the start of our program during which we like to see more focus out of our dancers. They will begin learning to reverse choreography from the right side to leading with the left. We highly recommend Ballet in conjunction with any other genre of dance, as this will create discipline in the class atmosphere and help with the correct body placement which flows into Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, and Hip Hop. The classes are offered in Tap/Ballet, Jazz/Hip Hop, Ballet, as well as Lyrical, ACRO and Musical Theatre.

Level II Ages 9-12 Dancers at Level II should know all terminology for dance. They should be working on Pirouettes, all leaps, and be able to memorize choreography and pick up quickly on new skills. Classes available at this level are Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Acro.

LEVEL II* Ages 11-12 Designed for the dancer that has had multiple years of experience at SNT. Prior approval needed. 

Level III* and Level IV*-13 and up These classes will focus on the basics of Level I & II to prepare them to move into Level IV including details of progressions and reversal of choreography. We recommend 2 to 3 years training at Level III and Level IV. Classes available at this age are Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pre Pointe, Pointe, Ballet Technique, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Acro.

Level V*-Ages 15 & up Dancers should have a minimum of 6 years of dance experience to enroll in Level V. Previous Ballet experience (recommended 3 to 4 years) is recommended to keep up with this level. Level V moves quickly with Choreography and skills. Dancers should be able to do the following skills: Double Pirouettes, Switch Leaps, Center Leaps, Pique Turns, and all reversal of progressions and choreography. Classes available at this age are Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pre Pointe, Pointe, Ballet Technique, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Acro.

Advanced Level*-Age 16&up Instructor Approval required. This level is designed for a higher training level. Dancers in this level should have at least 8 to 10 years of training. This level will be taught at a collegiate pace. Moving quickly through progressions and reversal of choreography, dancers are expected to keep up with the pace of the class. Classes available at this age are Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pre Pointe, Pointe, Ballet Technique, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Acro 

LEVEL III Ballet and PRE/Basic Pointe*-Previous Ballet training is required. Dancers must be 12 years of age or older. You must be enrolled in one additional Ballet class (we HIGHLY recommend two classes per week if schedule permits). New Dancers to this will spend the first 4 months with strengthening ankles & stabilizing muscles. January, if approved, some may proceed into Pointe Shoes. Students should plan on being in this level for 1-3 yrs. 

Pointe I*

Dancers must have at least 1 year of Pointe experience and 4 to 5 years of previous Ballet experience. You must be enrolled in 1 additional ballet class per week. If schedule permits, two classes of Ballet.

Pointe II *, Advanced Pointe*-

Our Pointe Classes are structure on their own scale. Moving up to the next level of pointe is strictly by approval of our instructors ONLY. Please understand, it is for your own safety to follow our instructor recommendations on Pointe


Combo classes have 20 minutes in one style, 20 minutes in another style and a 5 min shoe change/water break in between. We are excited about these classes to help accommodate parent and children's busy schedules while still bringing them the quality education they deserve. Costumes will be a savings as well as we will be utilizing a 2 in 1 concept, with add ons to a base costume instead of 1 costume for each style. 

Musical Theatre

Explore the fun of Musical Theatre with this class! We will sing, dance and act all while learning the basic rules of the stage. It's a fun filled class filled with drama games, activities, dancing, acting and exploration sure to give your actor or actress some fun filled class times all year long! 


Acro focuses on strength, flexibility and acrobatic tricks including somersaults, cartwheels, aerials, flip flops and much more. 

ACRO 1-Ages 5+, Beginning ACRO, will learn basics of acro and work towards mastering many skills.

ACRO 2-Ages 7+, INTERMEDIATE, Must have backbend, cartwheel, splits before enrolling

ACRO 3-Ages 9+, Must have mastered Acro 1 and 2 and have walkover, aerials, handsprings, handstands and be comfortable linking skills before entering. 


As a class, we will learn many aspects of the dance world throughout the first semester. Second semester will focus on a group project as well as a Senior Solo for each student. Time will be shared amongst students. This is intended to offset the costs of a traditional solo class your senior year as a thank you for your support throughout the years and to help alleviate the stress of time constraints that students undertake their senior year of high school. (This is considered a specialty class and is not included in unlimited or multi class discounts)